Author: Alan Ball

How Do You Take Your Eggs?

A Morning Chat with Greg and Audra on Carolina AM

Of all things in the kitchen, Audra struggles the most with scrambled eggs.   Greg shares his breakfast memories of  Grandfather Lester’s pickled herring sprinkled with ashes.

Your Morning Joe Could Be Causing Your Afternoon Head Woes

As seen on Carolina AM

If you are getting an afternoon headache it could be from your morning cup of joe.  Its called a caffeine withdrawal headache. There’s a common misconception.   You don’t have to be addicted to caffeine to get one of those.  First time coffee drinkers can experience these as well.  Energy drinks often have high amounts of caffeine as well.  Caffeine narrows…

SC Author Ralph Jarrells Visits Carolina AM

As seen on Carolina AM

Ralph Jarrells visits Carolina AM, March 24, 2021.   He talks with Audra about his books.  When Ralph faced retirement after a four decades in advertising and marketing, he said he couldn’t handle more than two days in a rocking chair, so he started a company, traveled, and became mission-oriented.  He’s written three books, Fiery Red Hair, Emerald Green Eyes and…

A ‘Pay it Forward’ Kindness Act Returns to Woman Years Later

A Viewer's Story - Pay it Forward - on Carolina AM

This is a story from our Pay it Forward segments that began in March. This is tammy’s story on how an act of kindness years ago came back to her years later.  Audra reads her story.  “Before I looked up to see who was walking by, i heard some parents behind me snickering.  It made me feel uncomfortable for the…

99-Year-Old Teaches Dance Three Times a Week

A Happy Hump Day Story on Carolina AM

Dinkie Flowers, 99, is raising money for charity through dancing!  The former professional dancer is in crazy, good shape for her age.  She is showcasing 45-minute dance sessions three times a week until her 100th birthday in May. Each sessions raises funds and Dinkie says “It doesn’t matter whether I am 10 or 100 years old, if I am fit…

Sometimes a Story Needs a Little Flowers

A Morning Chat with Greg and Audra on Carolina AM

Carolina A.M. begins with Greg thinking it’s time for the weeknight show, “Not the News.”  Audra sings us into the morning while Greg admits to having to remember all the flowers he adds to stories.  Speaking of stories, we hear about his first class “Miss Alaska” experience. Audra tells us how a field trip to the Smithsonian taught her how…

Jamie Foxx to Play Mike Tyson in Series

As seen on Carolina AM

Jamie Foxx will play Mike Tyson.   Talks have shifted from a movie to developing the story into a series.  It’s expected to be available to various streamers. Foxx has been preparing physically for the role since last year. Tyson retired in 2006 but returned to the ring against Roy Jones Jr. last year.  He is most remembered for the 1997…

Florence Gets New Sports Complex

Laura Pence Cohost of Fox Midday News Gives a News Update on Carolina AM

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Monday for a new sports complex in Florence.  The new facility will be built next to the Florence Tennis Center and will have space for youth baseball as well as track and field programs. It will also be home to the Florence Red Wolves baseball team.  Completion is anticipated by the spring of 2022.