Author: Alan Ball

What Good is a Weighted Blanket During a Flyover?

As seen on Carolina AM

Audra gives a report on Carolina AM about when a military flyover muffles out her audio.  Greg and Audra pause for what they say is the sound of freedom.  The weighted blanket story: weighted blankets have become extremely popular lately, but some question if they actually work or not.  The blankets are known to treat anxiety and insomnia and studies…

A Third of Us Procrastinate on Check Engine Light

As seen on Carolina AM

There are two types of people when it comes to car maintenance.  There are people who take their car to the mechanic as soon as the check engine light is on and the people who procrastinate auto repairs.  A study shows one in three confess to driving with the check engine light on an average of nine days before taking…

Are These Blankets Worth Their Weight?

As seen on Carolina AM

Audra gives a report on weighted blankets when a military flyover muffles her mic.  She pauses for, “the sound of freedom.” Weighted blankets have become popular lately, but some question if they actually work or not.  The blankets are used to treat anxiety and insomnia.  Studies show the feeling of light pressure against the body make us feel good, which…

For National Strawberry Day: A Pink Drink and Strawberry Shortcakes

National Strawberry Day celebrated on Carolina AM with a Pink Drink and Strawberry Shortcake

Saturday is National Strawberry Day.   A perfect way to start the weekend, Greg and Audra share their favorite strawberry recipes.  Audra shares a recipe for a pink drink that she says tastes like the Starbucks version.  Greg makes a strawberry shortcake delight using premade cake cups. A pink drink recipe: You’ll need: ice, sliced strawberries (fresh, frozen or freeze dried),…

A Pick Up and Go Menu at Barefoot Bistro

As seen on Carolina AM

Patti Patti Hilton of Barefoot Bistro brings in a few of her best selling pick up and go items and how you can plan ahead for lunch and dinner.  Barefoot Bistro is located at 3914 Highway 17 South in North Myrtle Beach. The reservation line is (843) 663-0534. For more information on Barefoot Bistro find her on Facebook at BarefootBistro.

Greg and Audra Talk Basketball, Grandparents, Chickens, and Cousin Brad

A Morning Chat with Greg and Audra on Carolina AM

Greg and Audra start the morning with a strawberry shortcake from Chestnut Hill to celebrate national Strawberry Day Saturday.  The conversation leads into a talk about cousins, chickens, basketball and ends with Audra’s favorite when it comes to Greg’s cousins, Brad Pitt.  (Yes, we’ve seen the proof, Brad actually is Greg’s sixth cousin.)

Columbia, SC – Regional Marketing Consultant – Carolinas

Bahakel Digital Media is looking for an enthusiastic, motivated Regional Marketing Consultant to cover North and South Carolina. This person will need to exceed revenue goals by designing and executing creative client campaigns that drive desired business results. We are looking for someone who can connect with clients and help them achieve their business objectives through effective digital advertising. In…

How to Thrift Shop – Greg and Audra Wear Their Finds on Carolina AM

Greg and Audra take the Thrifty and Trendy Challenge on Carolina AM

Greg and Audra take the Thrifty & Trendy challenge by heading to local thrift stores to find an outfit for today’s show. Greg shopped at the Goodwill in Surfside Beach.  He is wearing a JoS. A. Bank french cuff dress shirt and a Macy’s Izod coat.  Audra found a Yuka top and J Crew corduroys at the Goodwill in Florence….

Are You Mispronouncing BMW?

As seen on Carolina AM

Are you pronouncing the car brand BMW correctly?  The last letter isn’t pronounced like a “w.” We should actually be pronouncing it “bee em vee.” A fun survey found 95% of people had no idea.

SC Rated Best for Vaccine Distribution, Worst for Total Vaccinated

Laura Pence Cohost of Fox Midday News Gives a News Update on Carolina AM

Some researchers say South Carolina is one of the most efficient states when it comes to giving the COVID-19 vaccine, but one of the worst in the total number of people getting shots.  Brown and Harvard University researchers say 80.6% of the coronavirus vaccine doses delivered to South Carolina have been given, which ranks the state as the 5th most…