Author: Alan Ball

Book Club Launches on Carolina AM

As seen on Carolina AM

A book club has landed on Carolina AM.  Read Carolina was created by one of our very own show producers, Olivia Breen.  Just in time for Black History Month Olivia has chosen Kiley Reid’s “Such a Fun Age.”  The story follows Emira, who is a seemingly unambitious woman in her mid-twenties that babysits for an affluent white family.  Her life…

St. James Hosting 7th Annual “Fins and Flip Flop Reverse Raffle” for Athletic Programs

As seen on Carolina AM

Audra talks with Angie Price, a volunteer for the St. James High School Athletic Booster Club, about its 7th annual “Shark Club Fins and Flip Flops Reverse Raffle,” Saturday, February 6, 2021, at Wicked Tuna in Murrells Inlet.  The event promotes all athletic programs at the school. Tickets are $100 for two people.  The ticket gets you dinner, access to…

Can You Find Bernie at the Beach?

As seen on Carolina AM

This puzzle has many making their own memes about not being able to find Bernie.  It’s a version of the classic British series of children’s puzzle books called “Where’s Wally” illustrated by Martin Handford.  Can you find Bernie and Waldo?

How to Improve Health with 4 Micro-Habits

How Long Can You Balance on One Leg? It's Linked to Your Health. Start Today with These 4 Tiny Habits to Make Big Changes in Your Health.

Four micro-habits that can make a big difference in your future.   These tiny habits. according to a Japanese concept, are things we do that are easy today because they take little to no willpower to accomplish.  Lie on your back and hang your head and shoulders off the bed up for up two minutes. This helps open the chest and…

How to Win a Million in Soda Contest

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What does John Cena, Mountain Dew and a million bucks have to do with you?  There’s going to be a commercial in the big game on Sunday that gives viewers an opportunity to tweet a guess of the number of Mountain Dews that fill a trunk.  The first correct tweet, according to the teaser clip, will win the million.  Cena…

JLow Killin’ It in Hollywood

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Jennifer Lopez has a new role as an assassin in a new Netflix film, The Mother, in which she’s staring in and producing.  Lopez is also starring and producing another project for Netflix, The Cipher, where she plays an FBI agent.  She’s also filming Shotgun Wedding.  Her movie Marry Me is coming out in May.  Fun fact, 20 years ago…

Humidity Helps Fight Coronavirus

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Many of you are probably are running a humidifier in your homes during these drier winter months.  You may be getting another benefit. Studies suggest that higher humidity can enhance the body’s ability to fight off infection. The coronavirus decays faster at high humidity and drier air leads to greater numbers of tiny virus particles that travel farther and penetrate…