Author: Alan Ball

Clues Your Date Is Into You

Dating during COVID-19 can be challenging enough without trying to figure out if that person you’re interested in feels the same way.  Studies show that looking for nonverbal cues is the best way to find out how your date is going.  Some positive cues include mutual eye contact, light touch, inward leaning, mirroring each others body positions, and removing any…

Embarrassing Dating Tales

Do you have an embarrassing dating experience?  Greg gets a speech on the birds and the bees.  Audra has something stuck in her teeth. Dating can be tough, but have you ever been on a date that left you so embarrassed that you became red in the face? A poll by Digital Hub was conducted asking adults what dating disasters…

Audra Gets Us Ready For Valentine’s

Audra Brings to CAM a Craft Easy Enough For a 1st Grader and Pretty Enough for Pinterest

Audra gets the studio ready for Valentine’s Day with a craft simple enough for a 1st grader and trendy enough for a Pinterest pin.  Inspired by the Youtube channel “Modern Mom Life,” this craft gives you three options.   1.  Keep it simple by gluing a precut heart onto your canvas and you’re done!  2. Place the heart on the canvas…

Personal Trainer Gains Weight For Clients

A personal trainer decided alter his body image for his clients by gaining more than 60 pounds.  He says it was to better relate to his weight loss clients and confront  issues with body image and self-worth. He says the experience helped him  understand that losing weight is not as simple as just eating less and working out.

The Etiquette of Sneezing Into Your Mask

We’re all still getting used to wearing our masks everywhere.  Sometimes we forgot the proper way to wear them. A recent survey conducted by YouGov asked a group of adults how they sneeze when wearing a mask. The poll concluded the majority of people keep their mask on while sneezing into it, which is what you’re supposed to do.  Luckily,…

Light Therapy May Be the Answer to Skin Woes

Greg and Audra talk about light therapy.  Red and blue light therapy is designed to kill bacteria, prevent breakouts and reduce the appearance of aging.   The red light is used for wrinkles and tightening.  Some studies show it may help with hair loss, wound healing and bone density issues.  The blue LEDs are often used to treat acne, targeting the…

Harley-Davidson to Reveal 2021 Line to Customers

2021 Product Line to be Released Tuesday, January 19 at 11 a.m.

Jenn Deluca with Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson talks with Audra about the unveiling of new Harleys and gear!  The 2021 Harley-Davison products will be unveiled Tuesday, January 19, 2021.  The local dealerships are opening the floor for customers to view it from themselves beginning at 11 a.m. that day.  And a 70 inch TV will be given away!  

Aim Lower for Higher Success

Greg Says He's Drinking More Water, But Is He? Audra Gets to the Bottom of it.

Greg and Audra discuss doable goals after a survey found 68% are trying to make more micro-goals for 2021.   These are less ambitious and more doable.   The most common ones including eat less takeout or fast food.  Drink more water, take vitamins. get outside more, meditate, prep meals, and opt to walk or bike rather than drive to nearby places….