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Summer Activities Kids Don’t Play Anymore

Summer Activities Kids Don't Play Anymore

Summer is in full swing, but if you think back to your childhood what games did you play that others don’t? compiled a list of some of these forgotten past-times, and according to the website, these are the top summer games kids don’t play anymore.  First, red rover!  That’s followed by: marbles, going to the drive-in theater, catching fireflies,…

American’s Kissing Pet Peeves

American's Kissing Pet Peeves

Myrtle Beach, SC (WFXB)–International kissing day is July 6th, and according to a new poll, most Americans had their first kiss in middle school (36%).  The survey also found that the biggest kissing pet peeves include: bad breath, too much tongue, clinking teeth, awkward eye contact, and not enough tongue. 2% of Americans have never been kissed, and the majority…