These Apps May Save Your Sanity, and Your Marriage (or At Least Get You Organized)

The solution could be in delegation. And thankfully there's an app for that!

These apps may just be a win/win for a lot of families.  Recent reports show most adults are overworked more than ever, and have little time for even self care.   The solution could be in delegation. And the solution to that may be a home organization app. There are a few that help families sync up with things that need to be done like appointment reminders, school schedules and even grocery lists. Apps like “picniic” and “Our Home” offer free versions for families to try out.  Some of these incorporate location sharing too so you can consolidate some of your apps.   To boot, the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics says giving elementary-age kids chores makes them more competent later in life.  So go ahead, download an app and get delegating!