Amazon Finds

Amazon Must-Haves for Sensible Relaxation

In today's Amazon Finds, set your home up for more sensible relaxation with a hammock chair and stand, a fire pit, a clean scent of citronella candles, and reusable lids.  

Top 4 Amazon Finds This Week

This week's Amazon Finds include a bag you can wash, a sheet to protect your colors in the laundry, an electrolyte mix without the sugar and a portable air pump that does it all.

Today's Amazon Finds on CAM

In today's amazon finds it's all about making your home appear fancier from magnetic garage handles, a touch-less soap dispenser, a cable management box, and a wine glass storage hanger. 

A Dog Treat Hard to Beat - Amazon Finds

Amazon Finds on Carolina AM.  Give your pet something do and a treat all at the same time with this dog licking mat. Plop some peanut butter on it and watch your dog go to…


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