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Worst Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is all fun an games until your costume doesn’t turn out quite like you planned. Leading up to the holiday, people have been sharing their costume fails online. There’s quite a bit of creativity out there, but some of the ensembles clearly missed the mark.

The Best Deals on Amazon Prime

Today is the first day of Amazon’s prime day event! If you haven’t checked out the deals yet, you’re going to want to because over the course of two days, more than 1 million items will be discounted. We’re going to break down some of the best deals that you can take advantage of.

The Most Important Things on a First Date

Dating may look a little differently during the pandemic, but listen up guys and gals…some basic manners still apply. A recent poll asked people to name the most important rules to follow on a first date. This is what folks said: Be on time. It’s even important virtually…maybe more important. Be a good listener. Don’t talk about your ex. Try…

Carolina AM Crafting: Halloween Planters

We are making Halloween planters in the studio today! Here’s what you need: any size terracotta planters, some paint, and a sharpie! That’s all! But, of course if you want to fill them with a plant afterwards, you’ll need to pick out either a succulent or some sort of flower (real or fake) that you’d like to go in them!

Is it Harder to Wake Up When it’s Cold Out?

If you think it’s hard to get out of bed now just wait till the weather turns chilly. Some say the thoughts of stepping onto a cold floor in the morning causes them to pull the covers over their heads. Well, there’s a scientific explanation. According to a new study, it’s harder to get our brains to wake up and…