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Have You Ever Purchased a “We-Gift”?

There’s a new term called “we-gifting” and 74% of us have done it, according to a new survey. “We-gifting” is when you buy someone a present that you also fully plan on using. So, for example, maybe you bought a new TV for the living room and claimed it was for your kids. But, really you were the one who…

The Newest Thing Millennials Want to Ruin

The holidays are right around the corner and so are added expenses for gift giving, including your workplaces’ secret santa tradition. But, the younger employees in the office would prefer to just skip it. 35 percent of millennials say they wouldn’t mind if secret Santa was banned because it causes anxiety due to fear of their present not being good-enough.

Barefoot Bistro’s Recipe for Cooking Turkey

  Mike Hilton, owner of Barefoot Bistro was in the studio with his recipe for cooking a Thanksgiving turkey.   Remove the bird from the bag and take out the neck bone and the parts bag. Rinse the turkey and place in the baking pan. For a better looking bird, take butchers string and truss the bird. Take two cups…