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Adorable Dog Can Hardly Wait for Starbucks Puppuccino

A customer who was waiting in the drive-thru line at a Texas Starbucks witnessed the ‘paw’some moment over the weekend when a fellow customer’s dog just could not wait for its puppuccino! The dog owner struggled to get her pup back in the car after it jumped out the window onto the counter in anticipation of his treat.

Amazon Opens Cashier-less Grocery Store

Amazon has opened its first full-size check-out free grocery store in Seattle. All customers need is an app to enter, then it’s all grab and go! It’s a grocery store like any other — with items like produce, meats and beer. Except when you’re done, you don’t pay a cashier, because there aren’t any. You simply walk out. Amazon says…

The Toughest Things to Give Up for Lent

When it comes to Ash Wednesday 8,000 people were asked to name the hardest things to give up for 40 days. Here’s what was chosen. Watching tv or using streaming services, caffeine, social networking, chocolate, soda, alcohol and fast food. Interestingly enough, 5 percent of people say they already abstain from all of these things.

It is Pronounced “Jif” or “Gif”?

There’s a debate over the right way to pronounce GIF. Is it like the word “gift” without the “t” at the end, or “Jif” like the peanut butter? Speaking of, the peanut butter company has finally weighed in. they’ve started selling two versions of their product, one with the standard j-i-f label and one that says g-i-f. tTe company owners…

The Top Things That Stress Parents Out

The average parent reaches their stress limit six times a day. Here’s some causes. Dealing with a sick child, getting them to go to sleep, picky eating habits, spending too much time with devices, convincing them to clean their bedroom, making them brush their teeth, and getting them dressed, ready and to school on time.

Netflix Launches Top 10 Feature

Netflix is giving people a look at their user data in the form of new top 10 lists that’ll show you the most popular content in the country. There’ll be an overall list that gives you the most popular things on Netflix plus you can see separate top tens for movies and tv shows. The lists will be updated daily…

It’s National Pancake Day at IHOP

Today is the day IHOP celebrates National Pancake Day and you can get a free short stack at any of their locations. All they ask is that you donate whatever you can to various children’s hospitals. This is the 15th year they’ve done it, and the deal runs until 7:00 p.m. When you’re at the restaurant you can also sign…