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Do You Feel More Productive After Being Outside?

If you want a mood booster or need to buckle down and be more productive…..just go outside! According to new research, productivity improves by 45% breathing fresh air for just 29 minutes and 635 just feel better in general after spending time outside. As a result, some employers are implementing flexible work hours and are encouraging staff to spend more…

How Do Dogs Wear Pants?

There’s been a question floating around the internet for a while now asking…how do dogs wear pants? Would they wear four-legged pants or a pair that covers their two hind legs? Twitter posted the question and right now, two-legged is leading in a landslide. Two-legged britches are 90%. —

Home Essentials You’re Killing with Improper Use

If you find your everyday home essentials short circuiting, there may be a specific reason. Here are a list of mistakes that you could be making: 1. Taking care of your laptop. You may not know this, but it’s important that you turn it off at least once a day to allow it to update and install anti-virus programs. 2….

New Mole App Let’s You Spy on People

If you need to hire a PI…well, now there’s an app for that! ‘Mole’ is the app and basically, it lets you hire anonymous strangers to work as your spies. On the app you post that you want to see live video of a certain location. Then, someone else on ‘Mole’ who’s near that location can get paid a few…

Dentists Say TikTok Teeth Filing Trend is Dangerous

Apparently some people need a warning not to use a nail file on their teeth! After a series of TikTok videos surfaced…dentists are urging folks not to file down their pearly whites. Some call it a “beauty hack”, claiming the act makes their teeth look more even. But, experts say put down the files! It can be incredibly dangerous and…

A Couple’s Insane Wedding Gift Request is Going Viral

There’s a fine line between tacky and groundbreaking…A wedding rsvp is going viral right now for its pure insanity. The couple is offering different options for dinner based on how much money they’re planning to give as a gift. Here’s the breakdown…a gift up to $250 gets you roast chicken or swordfish. $251 to $500? sliced steak or poached salmon….

Amazon Launches Its First Online Luxury Store

Amazon has revealed an invitation-only section of its website called “luxury stores.” The luxury experience is currently only available for select prime members in the US. Those who fit the bill should have already received an invitation. You can request to receive one, but you’ll be put on a waiting list. It includes the Oscar De La Renta collections of…