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Binge-Watching Calculator

We found a website that can calculate how long it will take you to watch any show. It’s called “Binge-Clock” and all you have to do is type in the name of a show and then it breaks down how many days, hours and minutes you’ll need to completely binge the series!

What’s the Oldest Piece of Technology You Own?

Technology changes really fast, so you’d think we’d be getting rid of outdated stuff all the time….but, apparently a lot of people are hoarders. Someone on Reddit asked people to name the oldest piece of technology they have in their house, and there are some great answers! Some include: a top-loading VCR with dial tuners, a microwave that’s older than…

DIY Mini Pumpkin Florals!

Since today’s the first day of fall we’re crafting in the studio! Today we’re making something that’s simple, but festive and can be put anywhere whether it be your desk, you porch, or a center piece on your table….they’re called mini pumpkin florals! What you need are mini pumpkins, a knife, spoon, floral foam and some flowers of your choice.

Ray-Ban to Design Facebook’s First “Smart Glasses”

Facebook and Ray-Bans want to hook you up with “smart glasses.” The two promise normal-size glasses that will allow you to play games, find directions, and interact without taking out your phone. Mark Zuckerberg says the glasses will mirror the display of a connected smartphone. It all works through a device in the glasses, which they are still developing.

Dating Site for Pets

Dating sites aren’t just for humans…they’re for pets too! Pinder, requires that users have four legs! While it was created primarily for pet parents to hook up pals for their pooches, finding a human mate is also part of the fun. You’re likely to meet someone just as obsessed with their furry friend as you are. Start by creating profile….

Unwanted Group Chats

Odds are you’re in at least one group text chat…and the odds are even better that you wish you weren’t! A new survey asked if you’re in a group chat you don’t want to be a part of, what do you do? 37% of you say you’ll mute the chat, but stay part of it. 24% of you aren’t as…