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Women Are Less Likely to Date a Man with a Cat

Apparently women find men less attractive if they’re into cats. Researchers at Colorado state university took photos of various men…one by themselves, and one of them holding a feline. Then over 700 women rated the photos and when men were holding cats, they were seen as less masculine and less datable. There was one key demographic that didn’t care though,…

Corgi Goes ‘Mutts’ for His Owner

A corgi named Max was caught on camera getting in some serious cardio. As his owner moves around their backyard trampoline, he mirrors every move. The run around underneath has become part of his daily exercise as he is said to be inseparable from his human.

Starbucks Adds Impossible Breakfast Sandwich to Menus

Starbucks has a new offer! The coffee giant is kicking off summer with some refreshing new menu items. Starting today, you can pick up two new cold brew beverages. One is topped with with cinnamon almond milk foam and the other has dark cocoa flavored foam. Also, if you’re looking for something to pair with your drinks, Starbucks also announced…

Amazon Delivery Driver Follows Odd Set of Special Instructions

It seems like couriers rarely pay attention to the “additional instructions” on shipments….but this Amazon driver sure did! A woman said that her son was being silly, and in the “additional instructions” section, he wrote “knock three times and scream ‘abracadabra’ as loud as you can, then run away.” Well, the driver showed up and she actually did it. It…

What Makes Up the “Cool House” on the Block

Americans were asked about their childhoods and what they thought the best houses were made of. As long as the pantry was stocked with good snacks, that was the go-to house for having fun. Next in line to be the cool house was access to video games, cable tv, a pool, pets to play with and a big back yard….

One in Ten Make DIY Home Repairs Worse

If you’re going to stay home, you might as well fix something! That is, if you know what you’re doing. After attempting some DIY repairs, one in ten admitted that the finished project actually looked worse than before the work started. Home improvement attempts have an average of three things that go wrong.