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Dunkin’ is Getting Into Cereal Game

If you like to eat sugary cereal for breakfast but find it doesn’t pair well with your morning coffee, you’re the target customer for this. Post and Dunkin’ Donuts teamed up on two new cereals that taste like Dunkin’ coffee. One is mocha latte, and one is caramel macchiato. The cereals both go on sale next month, and each bowl…

Giving Into Temptation Leads to Happiness

The key to being really happy is giving in to impulses without thinking about the consequences! According to a new study, you need to be able to mentally put aside your responsibilities, your hang-ups, and even your long-term goals once in a while in order to truly relax and enjoy your life. Researchers say people who can do that have…

Would You Wear a Mask for These Activities?

A survey looked at how many of us would be willing to wear a mask during different activities. For when we’re in the car, 76% don’t think you need one. While exercising, 71% said no. How about getting your order at a drive-thru… only a third of people are putting them on. When out on a date, 66% would refuse…

Tesla Engineer Reinvents the ‘Perfect’ Chocolate Chip

An engineer from Tesla apparently had some time on his hands because he reinvented the chocolate chip! He created flattened pyramid-like structures that have thick middles and thinly tapered edges. He says the 15-degree slope on the morsels creates a glossy finish when baked. They’ll set you back though…they’re going for 30 bucks a bag!

Dick’s Sporting Good and Target to Close on Thanksgiving

More stores are looking ahead to the holidays. Following in Walmart’s footsteps, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Target announced that they’ll be closing their doors for Thanksgiving. Target is instead encouraging shoppers to start their seasonal spending even earlier, in October. They also said they will be making more than 20,000 items available for curbside pickup and delivery ahead of the…

Regal Cinemas to Reopen in August

If you’re ready to head back to the movies…here’s some good news! The nation’s second largest cinema chain plans to reopen some of its locations in August! Regal cinemas announced it will open doors on August 21st. they’ll enforce health and safety measures including requiring its employees and customers wear masks. Regal operates 549 locations in 42 states.

Ice Cream Sales Are Up, Hygiene Sales Down

Social distancing apparently has fewer people reaching for the deodorant and more people reaching for ice cream. There’s been a drop in demand for personal care items like dove soap and axe deodorant. At the same time, ice cream brands like Breyer’s, Ben&Jerry’s and Magnum saw an increase. Consumers are also eating more soup, mayonnaise and purchasing meal kits.