Author: Alan Ball

Dating Tips During a Pandemic

Relationship Experts Say Singles Have Advantage

Relationship experts say even though dating has waned during the pandemic, singles can find an advantage and give tips.  Use downtime to determine what you want, knowing that helps you find it sooner.  Focus on getting to know that person through more conversations. Make sure to video chat, moving off text makes a difference in your ability to really connect.

How To Find Your Work Groove Again

Transitioning from eating leftovers and sleeping late to thinking about projects and a boss can feel like, well…a hangover. Experts say ask yourself a few questions to get back on track. Check in with your goals by asking what you’re working towards and why you started it in the first place.  What can you clear out of your schedule to…

Audra Gets a NYE Kiss and Greg Wraps Up Holiday Show

A Morning Chat with Greg and Audra on Carolina AM

Audra and Greg catch up on the New Year’s weekend.  Audra says she spent NYE alone,  but did she?  Before the clock struck midnight she had a promposal, a visit from Ms. Lottie, and a virtual kiss she nearly missed. She got a visit from her sister New Year’s Day.  Greg wrapped up the holiday show at The Alabama Theater,…

Things You Didn’t Know You Needed from Amazon

Ways to Spend Your Amazon Giftcard and End the Stress of 2020

This week’s segment, “Things you didn’t know you needed from Amazon,” has ideas for all those gift cards you may have gotten over the holidays. End the aches and pains from 2020 with this massager.  Audra’s friend Cindy Corrigan shares it as a favorite holiday item the family enjoys.  Cindy says this Sharper Image Realtouch massager feels like real hands. …

Mr. Showtime David Scott Visits WFXB

Las Vegas showman, David Scott (AKA Mr. Showtime) is in Myrtle Beach this week as the headliner at the Comedy Cabana.  He stops by the WFXB studio to talk about all things show business with Greg.  And later, tries to escape a tie up by Audra.

What’s the Big Deal with a New Year’s Kiss?

What’s the deal with the New Year’s kiss? apparently it’s not just who you kiss but why and how. According to English and German folklore the first person you encounter in a new year and the nature of this encounter sets the tone for the rest of the year. It’s about strengthening ties. But not just any kiss! If a…

A Little Bit of Everything on CAM

A Morning Chat with Greg and Audra on Carolina AM

Greg and Audra dress in their finest for New Year’s Eve.  Never too late..they get a belated Christmas gift from Tyler, our Man on the Strand.  Greg shares how he proposed to Brandee 28 years ago.  Audra wears a friend’s prom dress that earns her a promposal by the end of the show.