Author: Alan Ball

How to Glam Up Your Hair

Audra Talks with Barbi Lee of The Salon of Florence for a Step by Step Guide to Glamorous Hair

No need to skip on glamour during a pandemic.  Just in time for New Year’s, Barbi Lee of The Salon of Florence shows us how to glam up our hair with a few simple steps.

Why Do Dentists Talk To Us While Cleaning Our Teeth?

Greg and Audra Find Out Why

Have you ever been to the dentist and got annoyed when they try to talk to you while they’re cleaning your teeth?  One reddit user decided to get to the bottom of this problem and ask dentists around the world why they do this! Turns out, most dentists talk to their patients to keep their mind off being uncomfortable.  They…

NFL Recognizes Health Care Workers With a Big Invite

The NFL is looking to pay it forward to health care workers in a big way! NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says for this year’s big game, they plan to invite vaccinated health care workers as guests. He went on to say that frontline workers have put their own lives at risk to the benefit of society and we owe them…

Audra Makes Chai Tea With A LATTE Protein

Audra Shares Her Recipe for an Unusual Combination of Chai Tea with Bone Broth Protein

Start your morning with a healthy boost with Audra’s favorite chai tea latte with bone broth protein.  The bone broth protein promotes healthy joints, skin, and is rich in 19 amino acids. The chai tea brings antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to your cup. The oat milk is non dairy, full of calcium, potassium and fiber.   You can also use…

The Top Google Searches of 2020

Audra and Greg weigh in on the top phrases searched on google for 2020.

Google released their top searches of 2020 and the list is not shocking at all.  Election results beat coronavirus for the most googled phrase of 2020. Meanwhile, the top recipes searched were sourdough bread, whipped coffee, disney churro, dole whip and double-tree cookies. Our top “where is” questions were “where is my stimulus money?” “Where is my refund?” and “Where…

Florence Pilot Helps Deliver COVID-19 Vaccines

Robby Hill joins us in the WFXB studios for Carolina AM

Robby Hill, a volunteer for Angel Flight Soars helped deliver COVID-19 vaccines across the state Sunday, December 27, 2020.  Robby shares more about the organization and how it helps those who need lifesaving medical treatment but lack the means.   For more information on Angel Flight soars visit

How To Know If You’re Getting Engaged This Year

Greg and Audra discuss the latest engagement research on Carolina AM.

Just in time for proposal season, a wedding resource group shares how to increase your chances of getting engaged and ways to tell if its already in the works. The best way to let your partner know you are ready is by having the conversation. An indirect way is dropping a hint by posting pictures of rings on your Instagram…