Author: Alan Ball

Fast and Furious Wrapping on Carolina AM

Who Can Wrap the Fastest - Greg or Audra?

Did Greg inherit his mom’s professional wrapping skills?  Will Audra find the right tune for a speed gifting groove?  The two duel it out for a round of fast and furious present wrapping on Carolina AM that may not be worthy of a Pinterest pin.   You decide.

BJ Gets a Bidet

Audra gives BJ a gift that keeps on giving.  This present wipes out the need to ever stockpile toilet paper again.  Audra is gifting this item to all the special men in her life this year.

Santas Take Over Lake Norman

It looked like Christmas on Lake Norman this weekend as santa and his 300 doppelgangers got some fishing in before the big day.  Lake Norman is about 20 miles from uptown Charlotte, NC.  These anglers dressed in their holiday best and hit the lake.  They caught a lot of attention and donations. They raised $15,000 worth of gifts for Toys…