Need More Family Time? This Cell Phone Jail is Calling You!

This Amazon Find could be the fun solution to claiming more time with your loved ones.

Place yours or your entire family’s phones in time out.  The cell phone jail can hold up to 6 phones.  It’s secure and tamper proof.   The perfect gift for that phone addict and you’re sure to get a laugh over.   It’s $12 on Amazon.

When you can’t grab a cup of joe, these energy mints can deliver caffeine and B vitamins.  Each tin has 20.  Get a variety of flavors in this 5-pack for $18 on Amazon.

Get better sleep by cutting out all the glare of your devices with these LED and UV light blocking stickers.  They block all that annoying LED and UV light from your electronics and appliances.  You can even use them in your car if the glare bothers your driving at night.  Just peel and stick.  Blocks the light without sticky residue.  A pack of 100 for $5.50 on Amazon.

Do you get those big sad puppy dog eyes as you walk out the door for an adventure, leaving your best friend behind?   This dog backpack carrier is perfect on your hikes, bike, or to the mall!  It’s great for the dogs with a physical disability or for your aging pup that lacks the stamina for long walks.  These bags come in all colors and sizes from small to extra large! $55 on Amazon.  This comes recommended by our #1 dog mom at WFXB, Tori Adams.