Author: Alan Ball

Winter is NOT The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Most

Survey shows winter is not our favorite, Audra shares how she copes with the chill.

For many, winter is their least favorite time of the year.  Other than the holidays, there’s not much to look forward to.  According to a new survey these are the most annoying things about this time of year:  the days get shorter and there’s less sunshine, fortunately we don’t have to do this too often but having to scrape the ice…

The Worst Christmas Gift

A bacon company ranks the top worst gifts. Audra and BJ beg to differ on a few.

  Wright Brand Bacon is giving people a chance to exchange bad Christmas gifts for well, bacon.  They also commissioned a survey to find the worst possible gifts you can give someone. Here are the top eight: an ugly sweater, normal sweaters that you’d just never wear, a necktie, coffee mug, scarf, robe. candles, socks, and weird jewelry.

Wearing an Ugly Sweater May Get You a Date

Audra and BJ discuss how an ugly sweater can be your next pick up line.

According to a new survey of single people, 96% say ugly Christmas sweaters are a turn-on, they say wearing an ugly sweater shows a good sense of humor and they’re open to meeting people. In fact, 42% of people who don’t usually make the first move say they’re more likely to start a conversation with someone if they can use…

Take a Gamble and Get Fit!

Audra talks with Certified Fitness Instructor Shelley Johnson about how to make fitness fun with a deck of cards!

Shelley Johnson, a certified fitness instructor in Florence, shows us a workout anyone can do from home with a deck of cards.

Things You Didn’t Know You Needed from Amazon

It’s Monday!  Here’s your weekly segment on Carolina AM that brings you things you didn’t know you needed from Amazon. Audra and BJ tell you about a bracelet that doubles as a charging cord for $16, a rechargeable hand warmer and power bank at $26,  these reusable silicone food savers for $13, and a cleaning gel putty with 11,000 reviews…

Need a Stress Relief? Give Thanks a Try.

Just because Thanksgiving is over, health experts say our gratitude shouldn’t stop.  They say being mindfully thankful will help us with stress. It gives us perspective to view life in its entirety and helps us not be overwhelmed by temporary circumstances. If we practice gratitude we’ll reap the rewards of grateful living. On the flipside, those who fail to feel…

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

Things you didn't know you needed from Amazon on Cyber Monday

Greg and Audra break down some of Amazon’s Cyber Monday steals. From a TV to a tablet, Cyber Monday deals mentioned on the show can be found here.