Author: Alan Ball

Florence Students Raising Funds and Awareness for Leukemia and Brain Tumor Research

KFA team leaders Constance Mixon and Maya Chokshi on Carolina AM with Audra Grant

The KFA dance company has been raising money for various causes for the past 20 years by holding a concert and presenting the ticket proceeds to various charities.  This year, the team saw an opportunity within the dance family.  Constance Mixon, a senior at South Florence High School, and Maya Chokshi, a junior at Triinity Byrnes Collegiate School, are leading…

Great White Tracked in Myrtle Beach

Laura Pence Cohost of Fox Midday News Gives a News Update on Carolina AM

A great white shark has been spotted near the Grand Strand.  The shark, named Mahone, is 13-feet and weighs more than 1,700 pounds. According to OCEARCH, he was tagged off the coast of Nova Scotia in October 2020 and is the largest male shark tagged in Canadian waters.  He recently pinged off of our coast between Myrtle Beach and Arcadian…

How to Save $30 at Dollar Tree

Greg keeps good on his word and saves $34 in the process. After Audra’s Dollar Tree segment on Carolina AM, Greg challenged himself to make the next trip in hunt of big savings.  He brings to the studio 5 items and turns it into a game inspired by the Price Is Right.

Tyler Perry To Educate Viewers on COVID-19 Vaccine

Tyler Perry to host an informative show on the COVID-19 vaccine after receiving both doses of the Pfizer vaccination. He hopes to help educate viewers so they can form their own opinion about the vaccination. BET will air “COVID-19 Vaccine and the Black Community: A Tyler Perry Special” on Jan. 28 at 9 p.m.

Why You Should Add Vitamin C to Your Bath Water

Audra shares the Vitamin C filters she uses for bath and shower

Studies show a form of Vitamin C called sodium ascorbate neutralizes chlorine and also chloramine, which is more dangerous. These two are often found in treated water. You can find Vitamin C shower filters on line that you add to your shower head and bath tablets you can drop into your bath water. Once your water is clear of the…

Take a Walk With Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton joins Apple’s new Time to Walk audio program for the Apple Watch.  She is one of four celebrities you can choose to walk down memory lane with as you get in your steps.  Pictures of her home place will pop up on your Apple watch as you journey through your own neighborhood.  Other celebs to join the program…

A Boo Boo and a Boo!

A Morning Chat with Greg and Audra on Carolina AM

Audra’s attempt to polish her own nails looks like a boo boo.  Greg gets a boo from wife Brandee that gives him quite the morning fright!