Author: Alan Ball

‘Bridesmaids,’ Clemson, and a Superhero Fail

A Morning Chat on Carolina AM

The funny and not so funny.  On this National Laugh Day, Audra shares one of her go-to movie clips for a laugh out loud one!  B.J. Kinard fills in for Greg and explains a recent, not-so-funny experience.  Oh, and B.J. sets Audra straight on what is and not a superhero.

Take More Breaks to Get More Done

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If you find yourself in weekend mode all the time, it’s time to start taking more breaks.  A lot more.  Research done by North Carolina State University found you’ll have more energy and actually be better at your job if you start taking multiple five minute microbreaks.  If you get called out by your boss, say you’re slacking off for…

Mercy Medicine Offers Health and Dental Services

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Audra talks with Wayne Jackson at Mercy Medicine Free Clinic in Florence.  Mercy Medicine has been serving Florence and Williamsburg counties for more than 25 years. Employees and volunteers come together to provide free medical and dental assistance to low income, uninsured adults without healthcare benefits. Their goal is to maintain a free medical clinic founded on the Christian principles…

Royal Rules That Could Strain Any Relationship

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Having friends in high places may not be all that fun. Woman’s Day magazine recently took a look at just how annoying all their rules could become.  You’d always have to arrive early as it is custom for the Queen to be the last to enter. You aren’t allowed to touch royals in public, unless they initiate it. Per protocol…

Woman Gets Unexpected Treat at Taco Bell Drive-Thru

A Pay it Forward Kindness Act on Carolina AM

This story is from a viewer who shared her Pay it Forward story with us.  Linda had taken her nephew to the doctor that day.   It was an appointment that required fasting so, afterwards she says they headed straight to Taco Bell to get his requested 5 layer burritos and unsweetened tea.  When she pulled up to pay for her…

Have Your Green and Eat it Too

Lucky Charms Goes Green

Lucky Charms are going green!  The iconic brand has released a limited-edition cereal that features clover charms that will turn your milk green. The special box is available on shelves at major retailers nationwide, but only while supplies last!  We found this box at Target.

Eating Breakfast is Good for Your Career

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Eating breakfast can be good for your career!  People who eat breakfast are almost twice as likely to get promoted as people who don’t.  After surveying 1,000 breakfast eaters versus 1,000 who skip their morning meal, it was revealed that 65% who eat before work have moved up in a position over the course of their career. That’s compared to…