Texas Residents Report High Electricity Bills After Winter Storm

The temperatures are rising, but Texans are still suffering following last week’s deadly winter weather storm. While most power has been restored, and boil-water notices have been lifted for nearly 5 million people, an estimated 10 million are still without safe drinking water and 15,000 still in the dark. Now there’s yet another unprecedented issue at hand as those who were able to use their power are facing exorbitant electricity bills, some upwards of 16,000 dollars. Texans have reported giving up their entire savings to make up for the costs and calls are now being made for the Texas government to cover them.

The storm also killed at least 70 people across the U.S. This includes an 11-year-old boy who died from hypothermia after his home lost power for days in Texas. His family has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against power company Entergy and State Grid Operator Electric Reliability Council of Texas. They claim the energy companies’ failure to protect the grid against severe winter weather contributed to the boy’s death and are demanding over 100 million dollars in reparations.