Boeing Grounds 777 Aircrafts After Engine Trouble During Flight

Dozens of Boeing 777’s were grounded this weekend after a craft suffered an engine failure. United Airlines flight 328 was carrying 231 passengers when the engine suddenly caught fire and exploded. Debris fell from the sky into a Denver neighborhood below as the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport. Fortunately no-one was injured. Initial findings by the national transportation safety board say most of the damage occurred in the right engine, where two fan blades were fractured. Other blades and the main body of the airplane also sustained some damage. It appears this is not the first time an engine failure has been seen with this particular model of plane with the Pratt & Whitney 4000 engine. There appears to have been a similar incident in Honolulu. United is the only airline in the U.S. to carry this type of plane. 24 jets have been grounded as inspections are carried out. This is just another blow for Boeing after its 737 model was also grounded for 18 months following two fatal plane crashes.