Charlotte, NC – Newscast Director




NEWSCAST DIRECTOR (Shift to be determined)


WCCB television is looking to hire an experienced Director/TD for our local and regional newscasts. A minimum of 2 years of directing live news, or relevant experience, and a minimum of 3 years of television production experience are required.


This position is responsible for the visual direction and clean technical execution of our newscasts. Candidate must be detail-oriented and able to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment. Candidate will provide creative input and will work closely with the newscast producer and production crew.




Direct and/or technical direct segments of our 4:30am – 9am morning show “Rising”

Direct and/or technical direct our sister-stations (WOLO) “Good Morning Columbia” morning and/or noon newscast.

Direct and/or technical direct our 10pm newscast, 10:30pm “News Edge” (an entertainment style show), our local sports show “Got Game”, and our sister-station’s (WOLO) 6pm and 11pm news or any combination of the above.

Direct and/or technical direct post-show promotions, special events, weather inserts as necessary.




Studio support, remote production, graphics, audio, video-tape playback and lighting, or any other tasks deemed necessary by management to meet the operational needs of both WCCB and WOLO.


Interested Applicants should email or send a cover letter and resume to:


Rick Gamertsfelder / Production Manager

WCCB Television

One Television Place

Charlotte NC 28205

No Phone Calls Accepted