Woman Plants Act of Kindness at Surfside Restaurant “Neal and Pam’s”

We’ve partnered with the Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness stories each Wednesday.  Share your act of kindness with us:  carolinakindness@wfxb.com  or agrant@wfxb.com. 

We begin with a story just down the road in Surfside at a local restaurant, Neal and Pam’s.  They posted about being on the receiving end of a random act of kindness this week by a woman who is spending the winter at the beach.  The restaurant has been undergoing some renovations for months on the inside.  The owners returned from the weekend to discover someone had spruced up their exterior giving their flower bed a makeover.   The post credits “Rochelle”. who by the way has yet to dine there.  The restaurant has been under renovations during her stay.

A 24-year-old, Tommy Pasquale wanted to do something to raise awareness about homeless veterans.  Pasquale started walking across America last year to raise awareness on for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.  He started out in New Jersey in September, with a goal to make it to the west coast by April. but he’s already made it!  He arrived more than a month ahead of schedule walking nearly 3,000 miles in 143 days and raised nearly $100,000.

Remember the guy in the news that survived at sea for a month on packs of Ketchup.  Then Heinz announced they wanted to connect with him and buy him a new boat! They finally found him, Elvis Francois has connected with the company. Thanks to local reporters and the internet, folks were able to give Francois the news.  Francois has said he believes everything happens for a reason he’s thankful ketchup gave him what he needed to survive nearly a month at sea, with just ketchup and some seasonings.  Click here to watch one of those first conversation with Elvis Francois.