Local Charity Aims to Provide Action Wheel Chairs to Every State Park

Thanks to Waymaker Off-road Wheelchairs located in Hartsville SC, 125 paraplegics have been able to take adventures in an action wheel chair at no cost to them.

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Update from a Carolina Kindness hero, Jacob Beisecker, the founder of Waymaker off-road wheelchairs.  Jacob has made it his mission to provide off-road wheelchairs in every state park in South Carolina.  These type action chairs changed Jacob’s life after he became a paraplegic, allowing him to experience the outdoors again.  Jacob and friends started raising money to purchase these chairs so they loan them out to others with spine injuries, at no cost.  Those chairs are thousands of dollars each.  He started with one.  In one year, Jacob and his team raised $75k, which purchased 7 chairs, and an enclosed trailer.  That means 125 people have been able to attend weddings, beach trips, hunting trips, drag races. In 2023, they’ve already added two more with a goal to add one per month.  Jacob says, they have chairs that can fit through a 30” door, wider chairs more stable for rugged terrain, and even a chair that will allow the user to stand up!   This takes a lot of fundraising. there’s a silent auction and pork bog fundraiser later in the year and Waymakers will be looking for businesses interested in sponsoring/donating items for the auction.  Chairs can be reserved and donations can be made at www.waymakeroffroadwheelchairs.com 

A family in Monks Corner raised money to help an elderly pizza delivery driver retire.  It all started when the woman was delivering their pizza.  A doorbell video captures what happened.  You’ll see Barbara Gillespie walking up to the family’s home with their order when she lost her balance and fell, sending the pizzas flying.   One of the family members heard what was happening and went out to check on her.  Barbara was more concerned about the pizzas being messed up.  The family decided to do something.  They posted the video and set up a gofundme for a really nice tip. and got more than they imagined, $250,000.  Barbara couldn’t believe people would care so much.  Two weeks later, the 72-year-old has retired but not before receiving team member of the year from her local store!

Sometimes it’s the little things that makes someone’s day. An crowning moment.   We spotted this birthday wish that made us smile.  The Horry County Sheriff’s office wished one of their own a happy day in crowning glory.  A Facebook post, “Happy birthday Deputy Nina Torres.  Nina is awesome.  She jumps at the chance to help and is such a beautiful, caring person.  We hope she has a wonderful day!”