Man Donated $100 Monthly Anonymously to Local Pharmacy to Help Those Who Couldn’t Afford Medicine

Happy Hump Day! These are our Carolina Kindness stories to get you through the remainder of the week!

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Stories of good this week:

Secret Angel.  We begin with a good deed found out.  For nearly a decade, Air Force vet Hody Childress gave $100 a month to his local pharmacy to cover people who couldn’t afford their medications. No one knew until his passing.   The 80-year-old passed away in Alabama this month.  He told his kids shortly before he died.  But until then, the only one who knew was the pharmacist, and he swore her to secrecy.

Wheel of good fortune and kindness.  An episode of wheel of fortune is circling social media again because of it’s pure awesomeness.  It’s kindness in it’s purest form.   A contestant who was solidly in the lead purposely throws the round so a fellow vet could win some cash.  Even host Pat Sajeck questioned her.  It was the show’s first-ever veterans’ week. as they neared the final round, Nura Fountano stunned Sajak by guessing the letter Z, then an X, and then taking too long to answer.   After the round was over and a fellow vet ended with an impressive $6,400, Sajak walked over to Nura and commented about her unusual letter choices.   Nura responded, “That’s what i saw.”   Everyone was initially confused as Nura was rocking every round except that one.    But then folks eventually figured out what was up.   Nura went on to win, even with the “thrown round” but all three vets walked away with big winnings!

A brave sister act! This is something you don’t see everyday. Sometimes kindness comes in unexpected forms.  Like that of nun taking things physically into her own hands.  Sister Mary Johnice describes the moment she realized her building was being burglarized.  Two men used a ladder to get on the roof to steal gutter for copper.  The five foot, sister Mary, walked out, grabbed the ladder, which is more than double her height, and threw it on the ground.  The men were jumped and ran down the street. but not before sister Mary had few words.

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