Sharing Lottery Winnings and Giving Away Millions…These are Our Carolina Kindness Stories!

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Wach week at this time we pause to bring you good from around the world to our backyards. We’ve partnered with the Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness. We begin with a lottery win that has more than a financial payout. While everyone’s eyes are on the big powerball prize on the line these days…and what they would do with the money. Well, on a smaller scale in Charleston..a low country woman won $30,000 on a scratch-off and told lottery officials she was sharing the money with her grandparents. Why? Because they have always supported her and she plans to put the rest towards her education.

A business man with deep pockets is giving away $1 million a week to non profits for an entire year. Rob Hale runs granite telecommunications in Quincy and for the past year he and his wife Karen have been on a very unique mission of gifting $1 million a week to small non-profits for 52 weeks straight. The money is going to endowments to help nonprofits. For the smaller organizations it is the single biggest gift they’ve ever receive and is directly impacted that community.

If you’ve ever experienced a random act of kindness, you know it’s the little things that make a big difference. This comes from a kindness board where someone posted about how a friend bringing her coffee helped her get through some tough days. She said she was going through a rough time…not a lot of fun to be around…a friend brought her a Starbucks while she was at work…just to help her get through the day. That helped her realize how much something that small meant to her and then she wanted to do the same for others…and in turn found that made her feel even better. She said you never know what folks are going through and how a cup of coffee has the power to bring joy.

We can show kindness anywhere and anytime. don’t miss the opportunity to seize the opportunity wherever you are! It could be your words that someone needs. Like for this woman, who was walking through Target. Her two-year-old was throwing a tantrum and another woman walked past her, smiled, and said, “Don’t worry. You’re a great mom.” It was just the encouragement she needed.”