SC Woman Builds Drive-in Movie Theater After Surviving Car Crash

The story of Sherry Barnes and the drive-in theater she built is one of our Carolina Kindness stories.

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We begin with a story of turning hardship into good. just up the road in Tabor City…


One day you’re living your day to day life and the next your whole world can get turned upside down. Sherry Barnes says she was hit by a drunk driver and sustained severe injuries. Her spinal cord was severed in several places as well as head, hip, and neck injuries she had to have major surgeries. Although doctors did not expect her to survive, she recovered and is able to walk again.
While she was recovering, she met many sick children and was inspired. She wanted to do something outdoors that was family-oriented. She had the idea to open a drive-in movie theater. She then cleared out a piece of land herself and put up a 40 to 50 foot movie screen. Sherry’s drive-in State Line Movie Time was opened.
Not only does she show movies but there are plenty of fun activities such as hula hoop contests, fireworks, bubble mania, a pit for cooking, and so much more. Special events are hosted as well such as live bands and car shows.
Sherry donates profits made from State Line Movie Time to many different causes and organizations. Currently, all the profits made from State Line Movie Time are going toward a 14-year-old girl named Kira who was paralyzed from a car accident. Sherry donates the money toward Kira’s medical bills and needs.
Sherry shared that she was blessed with a second chance and was inspired to help others as she thanks God for all that he has done for her.
To find out more of the location and event schedule for State Line Movie Time visit their Facebook page or website
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