Carolina AM Viewer Witnesses Act of Kindness at a Myrtle Beach Dollar General

Each Wednesday we share stories of kindness across the world to our backyards.

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We begin in Myrtle Beach with an act of kindness shared with us by a viewer. Phyllis Gregory wrote, we were at Dollar General on the 2000 block of N.
King’s HWY. A friend was having trouble getting a new card to work at checkout. They had about $118 worth of stuff. He was on the phone trying to fix the situation and the empoyee was patient but it was keeping him from ringing any one else up so they had to open another register. A man approached and said, “I just have these 4 items, just add them on an I’ll pay for it.” Phyllis was pleasantly shocked and surprised and told him that was the nicest thing I have seen anyone do since moving to the Grand Strand 3 years ago. The kind man’s name is Bill and he is from Ohio. Phyllis believes Bill is truly doing what God intended, that is, laying up treasures in heaven.

Another act of kindness is ongoing down the road in Georgetown County…where we find Mrs. Aunny giving thanks. The dip in temperatures reminds her that Thanksgiving is on the horizon and she is counting the days. It’s the day she and her husband set aside for service, for 12 years now Aunny’s Country Kitchen has provided a free Thanksgiving meal for anyone and everyone because she is grateful for all the years her home is full on the holiday. She felt led by God to open her doors to the community. It’s become a community wide event. Neighbors donate and give their time planning, cooking, serving and cleaning. Nearly a thousand people have been fed thanks by all those hands and efforts. Her vision began with one act, which led to another and hopes it will someday grow so big that the entire block is filled with tables.

An 11-year-old used his birthday money to launch a foodbank service in his family’s garden shed. now, two yeas later it has grown so much, they had to get a bigger shed! The seed was planted years ago when Isaac would participate in canned goods drives at this school. When he moved to another school, he felt something was missing and was sad that he no longer could serve in that way. It bothered him so much his parents decided to double his birthday money so he could do the thing he wanted to do the most…buy food parcels.

A TikToker is using his influence for good in this act of kindness. He invited a veteran to spend the day with him at Disneyland! Isaiah Garza has seven million followers and his bio reads, “Once homeless and now changing lives.” One of those lives was 97-year-old veteran William Goode, whom Garza took on a surprise trip to Disneyland. The pair spent the day together, riding and eating treats. Mr. Goode says its a day he will remember for a long time. He even told a reporter that he had kind of felt forgotten over the years. The experience altered his outlook that day.