Common Health Myths Surrounding Coffee, Eggs and Walking

If you're looking to get your health in check, here are three common myths!

If you’re looking to get your health in check, here are common myths about diet, exercise, and our overall well-being.

The first myth is coffee stunts your growth. The real fact is genetics determine your height. Coffee isn’t linked to any medical conditions except for a slight, temporary increase in blood pressure.

Another myth some believe is that eating eggs causes high cholesterol. But really, eggs have almost no effect on your cholesterol and a Harvard analysis of two studies even suggests that eating them can improve your heart health.

When it comes to getting your steps in…the standard seems to be 10,000 if you want to be healthy. While walking is great exercise, but it’s tough to make a blanket recommendation for everyone. Plus, a study earlier this year found a better number of steps to aim for is probably 6 to 8,000.