This Amazon Find Makes Lifting the Lid Easier and Cleaner!

These Amazon Finds keep you organized, on trend, and will impress your friends.

Today’s Amazon Finds:

Foil and wraps holder  It’s a dispenser for your plastic wrap, foils and wax paper. Make your drawer neat with this bamboo box that is compatible with most wraps.  It has a built-in cutter. And makes it easier to find the roll start.  It comes with labels.  You can also be hanged. $43.98.  There’s a $10 coupon offered at air time.

Jar gripper hidden under the cabinet  Open anything from spices to pickle jars, even child-proof bottles  with this lid opener that fits under the cabinet, out of sight.  Place any size jar or lid inside the V shape gripper and voila!  Installation requires one screw which is provided.  It’s an Amazon Choice product and is…$14.40.

Pickle griper  Take your pickles out without the mess.  And the clean way with this handy tool that does the pinching and retrieving for you.  It also works for olives.  It has a plastic exterior and a stainless steel spring inside.  The pickle pinches is $10.74.

Key hole marker with leveler  Take your handy work to the next level with this gadget.Take the guessing out of hanging pictures with the keyhole companion.  To use, slide it into the keyhole, remove the lid, press and it stamps the wall exactly where you want the nails or screws to go.  The stamp can be removed with a magic eraser or rubbing alcohol.   It also comes with a leveler to get it straight the first time.  It’s an Amazon Best Seller at $24.95

 Toilet paper dispenser with a shelf  It’s a toilet paper holder with a shelf that serves multiple purposes…it holds your phone and gives a compartment for things like wipes and feminine products.  The arm can be installed facing either direction facing or away. Comes with everything you need to install.  Comes in your choice of two sizes and 4 colors. Small one is $34.99, Larger one is 39.99
Lifty Loo toilet seat lift handle is a gentle reminder to lift the seat.  And it gives you a cleaner way to do so with a handle, so you don’t ever have to touch the seat.  It comes with a adhesive and you just peel it off  and stick it under the lid.  The Lifty Loo is an Amazon’s Choice for $11.97.
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