U.S. Air Force Tests Hypersonic Missile Off Coast of California

The U.S. Air Force carried out a successful test of it’s troubled hypersonic missile over the weekend. The Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon was successfully released from a B-52H bomber off the coast of southern California on Saturday and attained hypersonic speeds according to an announcement by the Air Force yesterday. The ARRW is a hypersonic weapon that uses a booster rocket to accelerate the missile to speeds in excess of Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound. A hypersonic glide vehicle then separates from the booster and glides at high speed toward it’s target. The Air Force has struggled with testing it in the past and the program suffered three flight test failures before the latest success. Recently, Russia became the first nation ever to use hypersonic weapons in war when it launched its ‘Iskander’ and ‘Kinzhal’ missiles at Ukraine. According to the Pentagon, Russia has used 10 to 12 hypersonic missiles since the invasion began.