CDC Updates Testing Guidance for Travelers

The CDC updated it’s guidance for people traveling within the United States. The agency is urging all domestic travelers to ‘consider getting tested for Covid-19 as close to the time of departure as possible and no more than three days before your trip. The newest advice includes travelers who are current with their vaccines and boosters. Previously, the recommendation to test before domestic travel only applied to those who weren’t up-to-date with their vaccines. The guidance also includes some steps after your trip is over if you spent time in crowded areas which includes getting tested as well. For international travelers coming to the U.S., negative test results within a day of travel or proof of recovery from Covid-19 in the past 90 days is needed. The CDC also recommends getting tested three to five days after international travel to the U.S., and foreign travelers must be vaccinated against the virus to enter the U.S. The agency recommends that people be up-to-date with vaccines before any air travel.