Myrtle Beach Police Officers Could be Highest Paid in SC Soon

All Myrtle Beach city employees are expected to receive pay raises as soon as July 1st. Currently the average pay increase for all 1,000 city employees is close to 9% with the smallest increase being 2%. The new minimum hourly wage will also be $15.75 an hour which is about $3 up from the current minimum of $12.71. The average increase for the police department is 12% and the new minimum for a police officer would be $47,752 making officers in the area the highest paid in South Carolina. Currently, the MBPD has 50 openings and Master Corporal Tom Vest says the proposed increase will help with recruitment and retention of officers. The proposal is part of the $292 million dollar budget proposed for the next fiscal year and city council will need to approve the increases after two readings.