16 States, Washington D.C. and Other Agencies Suing USPS Over Gas Powered Vehicles

The United States Postal Service is being sued by 16 states, Washington D.C. and several environmental groups. The suits allege that the USPS erred in its decision to replace its current fleet with 90% gas powered trucks and 10% battery electric vehicles and call for a more fulsome review of the environmental impacts such a move would have. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has said that the postal service doesn’t have the funding to increase the number of electric vehicles in it’s fleet. When the USPS first unveiled it’s next generation delivery vehicle last year, several environmental groups criticized the inclusion of internal combustion engines at all. Yesterday postal service spokesperson Kim Frum said that the agency had conducted a ‘robust and thorough review’ before announcing it’s vehicle plan and that more electric vehicles could be commissioned if additional funding becomes available.