Russian Warship Moskva Sinks in the Black Sea

One of the Russian Navy’s most important warships sunk yesterday in the Black Sea…. According to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense “during the towing of the cruiser Moskva to the port of destination, the ship lost its stability due to hull damage received during a fire from the detonation of ammunition. In the conditions of stormy seas, the ship sank,” Several accounts have emerged as to how the ship was damaged. Ukrainian officials say it began to sink after it was hit by anti-ship missiles while officials in Russia blame a fire which caused munitions aboard to explode, inflicting damage to the vessel and forcing the crew to be evacuated. US officials do not yet have proof of what occurred. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said “We’re not in a position to officially confirm independently what exactly led to the ship’s now sinking,”.. ” But we’re also not in any position to refute the Ukrainian side of this. It’s certainly plausible and possible that they did in fact hit this with a Neptune missile or maybe more.”