PG&E to Pay $55 Million Settlement Over California Wildfires

Pacific Gas and Electric will pay $55 million as part of a settlement with multiple counties in California that were scorched by the Kincade and Dixie wildfires sparked by faulty utility equipment. According to PG&E, criminal charges over the 2019 Kincade fire will be dismissed and none will be sought in the 2021 Dixie fire in exchange for the settlement. The company will also strengthen wildfire mitigation plans and pay not only the residents that were affected by the fire but the counties where they occurred. The Kincade fire burned more than 77,000 acres and destroyed 374 homes which prompted Sonoma county’s largest evacuation in history. It was caused by a broken jumper cable in a transmission line. The Dixie fire spanned through five counties, burned for over three months and destroyed more than 1,300 homes after a power line came in contact with a tree.