Biden Gets Second Booster Shot, White House Launches Covid-19 Website

President Biden got his second booster shot yesterday in front of cameras at the White House. The President urged lawmakers to secure more funding for his response and warned of severe consequences for the nation if Congress doesn’t authorize those funds. Without them the nation will not be able to sustain its current testing capacity beyond June and by the fall it will not have enough vaccine supply for booster shots for all who are eligible. Biden also said the U.S. is already seeing dwindling funds including the scale back of purchases of treatments and preventative therapies for immuno-compromised people. The government has also had to cancel planned orders of monoclonal antibodies which are used to treat infections. The current supply will start to run out by the end of may according to the administration.

The White House also launched a website yesterday, ‘‘, which will serve as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for information on vaccines, tests, treatments, masks and Covid-19. It will feature a new test-to-treat locator tool to help give access to over 2,000 locations that offer Covid-19 tests and antiviral pills at one convenient location which the president announced during his State of the Union address.