Secret Service Held Former Vice President Pence in Loading Dock During Capitol Riots

A U.S. Secret Service member who helped coordinate former Vice President Pence’s trip to the Capitol on January 6th testified before the committee investigating the riots yesterday. According to Secret Service Inspector Lanelle Hawa, Pence spent several hours in a loading dock underneath the building during the riot. The revelation is the first time that federal law enforcement has confirmed where Pence was after he evacuated the Senate chamber on the day of the insurrection and comes during the second trial for defendant Couy Griffin who is charged with two misdemeanor offenses for his actions during the riot. Hawa said quote “we took him to a secure location …underground,”… “it was in the loading dock,” which is located underneath the plaza on the Senate side of the building. Hawa said the loading dock counted as a restricted area, as did the Capitol grounds.