New Charges Filed Against Former South Carolina Lawyer Alex Murdaugh

New charges have been brought against former South Carolina Lawyer Alex Murdaugh. On Friday, Murdaugh was indicted on 27 charges of embezzlement, breach of trust, fraudulent intent, money laundering, computer crimes and forgery on top of previous charges of insurance fraud. Murdaugh is accused of embezzling settlement funds related to the death of his housekeeper Gloria Satterfield who died in 2018 after a ‘trip and fall’ accident in the Murdaugh home. Her heirs claim Murdaugh diverted more than $3.5 million in death settlement money to a fraudulent account. According to South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, the grand jury indicted Murdaugh on counts stemming from schemes to defraud clients and associates and launder over $4.8 million dollars. Murdaugh remains in custody at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center in Columbia.