Biden Visits California Ahead of Tomorrows Recall Election

President Biden is in California today to campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom ahead of tomorrow’s recall election. Millions of voters have already cast their ballots as all registered voters in the state were mailed one and so far more Democrats have voted in the state but a large number of Republicans are waiting to cast their votes in person because of their party’s preference for voting in-person. The last time there was a recall election in the state was back in 2003 when Californian’s voted to oust Democratic Governor Gary Davis and replace him with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The recall election for Newsom was launched last year by a group of conservative Californians critical of his record on immigration, taxes, the death penalty and the state’s homelessness crisis among other issues. If Newsom is ousted county officials have 30 days to finish tallying the votes and the Secretary of State would certify the results on the 38th day and a new Governor would then take their oath of office, they would then serve the remainder of Newsom’s term through January 2, 2023.