How to Keep Kids Occupied Now That School is Out

The school bell for some has rung and is about to ring for others, now what?

If you have a house full of little ones you may be anxious about how to keep them occupied without relying on screen time.

Plan ahead with a game box. Simply fill a container with things like coloring books, new crayons, playing cards, and puzzles. Basically things that your kid may enjoy and would keep them busy. Experts say they may resist the idea at first but the more you do it, the more they’ll accept game box time.

Give them an important task and make a really big deal over it. Tell them they need to draw a picture for a neighbor, or how about build a house using their building blocks to show grandma. For older children, assign them a task like sweeping the floor or setting the table. Researchers say if kids think what they are doing is an important job they are less likely to complain.

Encourage outdoor play. don’t forget how your parents kept you busy. Just give your child a ball and a stick, and let them run wild. Well by wild, we mean where its safe to do so. If you’re worried about their safety, keep them in sight and sometimes having a playmate helps. Work out a deal with another parent and trade time sending your kids over to play with each other.

Here’s a fun one that takes some planning but the payoff is big. Create a scavenger hunt. You don’t have to make it complicated. But, you can be as creative as you need depending on the time you’re trying to occupy. Just say find me something that starts with the letter B, or find me five things that start with that letter. You get the idea. Don’t forget to reward them to keep them motivated next time.