Congress Has No Intentions of Delaying November Election

Yesterday, both democrats and republicans rejected the idea floated by President Trump to delay the November presidential election. Not only did the president write in a tweet that mail-in voting this year could cause the election to become illegitimate, but he also went on television hours later to reiterate his claims. There is no evidence to support that mail-in voting leads to fraud. Furthermore, the president has no authority to change the date of the election. That power rests in the hands of Congress and people form both sides of the aisle have made it clear they strongly oppose the idea. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “Never in the history of the country, through wars, depressions and the civil war, have we ever not had a federally-scheduled election on time. We’ll find a way to do that again this November 3rd.” In one of the more shocking and prominent moments in modern political history, former President Barack Obama referred to President Trump as a grave threat to American democracy and racial justice while delivering the eulogy of Representative John Lewis.