A Planned Announcement

A big announcement from President Trump later today on the future of the Iran nuclear deal.

President Trump’s announcement today at the White House is still a secret. He has long been critical of what President Obama saw as a foreign policy achievement: an effort to get Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief, a trade-off that would help lift Iran’s economy. Faced with one of the Iran deal’s many certification deadlines, the President has a number of options, including pulling out completely, or pushing for a renegotiation. Meanwhile, the international lobbying been fierce, including visits from the leaders of France and Germany, and just yesterday, Britain’s foreign minister was in town to make a last-minute pitch to the administration to fix, not end, the deal. The president’s skepticism of the Iran deal is very well known, and U.S. allies, as well as Iran, are bracing for the U.S. to pull out.