Prison Riot

Deadly brawls at a maximum security prison in South Carolina leave 7 dead and 17 injured.

It’s the deadliest U.S. prison riot in 25 years. Three separate fights began inside Lee Correctional Facility prison at 7 pm Sunday, then spread into 7 hours of uninterrupted violence which left 7 inmates dead and 17 more wounded. Most of the dead were killed by slashing or stabbing with homemade knives. Emergency crews from six agencies responded to the chaos. Order was finally restored at 2.55 am. No guards or prison employees were injured. Autopsies and an investigation into the cause of the riot are still underway. Officials initially blamed gangs who they say used cell phones to continue to run criminal enterprises from behind bars. South Carolina’s governor is calling on the FCC to block cell phone transmission for the entire prison.