Cam Newton Addresses Walking Out on Media, Fumble in Locker Room


CHARLOTTE, NC (WCCB Charlotte) — Cam Newton had no obligation to speak with the media on Tuesday as the players cleaned out their locker room.

The quarterback, however, answered roughly seven minutes of questions–mostly about how he handled walking out on the media after Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 loss to Denver.

“I have been on record to say I’m a sore loser,”  Newton said before dropping a Vince Lombardi quote. “Who likes to lose? You show me a good loser, I’m going to show you a loser.”

The critics have had a feeding frenzy at the expense of Newton. But the team has backed the quarterback up. Players stood on chairs cheering Newton on in his session with the media.

Ron Rivera said Newton takes losing very serious.

“He’s not the only player who has been through a situation and handled it like that. He really does not like to lose,  Just knowing that time will heal it for him and time will make it better for him. Which he did today,” Rivera said.”

“Everybody wants to win. I want players who hate to lose,” Dave Gettleman, the team’s general manager, said in his year-end press conference.

Cam Newton poses a fair question about the way he handles a loss.

“What makes your way right,” Newton said.

Newton and the Fourth Quarter Fumble

Carolina trailed 16-10 in the fourth quarter when Cam was strip-sacked by Denver’s Von Miller. The replay of the CBS broadcast showed that Newton hesitated instead of diving into the ball to possibly recover it.

“I don’t dive on one fumble because the way my leg was it could have been contorked in a way,” Newton said. We didn’t lose that game because of that fumble.”

Rivera, when asked later, said he did not have a problem with the way Cam answered the question.