Panthers Wearing Black Jerseys For Super Bowl 50

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With Super Bowl 50 coming up, the Panthers are going back to black.


AFC teams get to select their jersey colors first in even-numbered years while the NFC teams chose first in odd-numbered years.

According to, the Denver Broncos chose to wear white as the designated home team rather than their normal orange color. Going 6-0 this season in their black jerseys, the Carolina Panthers are wearing them along with their silver pants rather than an all black uniform.

While the Panthers have wore black in the past, both home games ending with losses, they are confident with their outstanding record this season that this game should not be a problem.

In Super Bowl XXXVIII, when the Panthers faced the Patriots, they wore white and the Patriots chose to wear their navy jerseys with silver pants. This game resulted in a Patriot win 32-29. Denver being 2-5 in their Super Bowl record have only worn all white twice, winning one game.