Kicks for Kids: Gano Kicking to Fight Cancer

CHARLOTTE, NC —  The Queen City’s love affair with the Panthers is about more than just football.

This group of Cardiac Cats is deeply rooted in the community, routinely giving time to, and raising money for a wide range of charities. Even the kicker is putting his money where his foot is.

“It’s not just playing football,” says the Panthers’ Graham Gano. “It’s having these opportunities to be able to give back that I feel you have to take advantage of.”

Gano is giving back, using his talented toes to help fight pediatric cancer. Each time he makes a field goal, he donates $250 to the Keep Pounding Fund at Levine Children’s Hospital.

Gano has made 27 so far this season, good for $6,750.

“We’ve won all the games, and with that comes a lot of field goals,” says Gano. “So it’s exciting, and we’re excited about the Kicks for Kids, and hopefully we’ll keep getting a lot more field goals.”

Gano was able to visit patients at Levine Children’s on his off day; patients like 12-year-old Panthers fan Allison Hodge, who has been receiving chemo therapy since February, and hoping to meet one of her football heroes.

“They were talking about how he was going to be here,” says Hodge. “Because, like, every time I’m here, they’re either here the day before I come, or they’re here right after I leave.”

“Just put a smile on their faces, because they’re really going through a difficult time here,” says Gano. “And even if it’s just for a short period of time, just making them laugh or smile.”

Gano will continue the Kicks for Kids campaign through the Panthers’ remaining regular season games and on into the playoffs.