Panthers Fans Gear Up for Christmas

CHARLOTTE, NC — Christmas is looking very Carolina Panthers blue and black this year in the Queen City.

“Lots of Panthers fans in the family,” said Panthers fan Bob Lucas. “We’re looking for Panthers gear; everybody loves sporting it.”

Panthers fans loaded up days before Christmas.

“Jerseys , t-shirts, few beanies, wanna look like Greg Olsen in a beanie,” said fan Perry Lucas.

With the team’s record winning season, it’s become the perfect solution for what to get dad for Christmas.

Top players Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, and Luke Kuechly are hard to come by now. All their jerseys are sold out in sizes small to extra large.

“Greg Olsen is one of our favorite players, so I went for number 13, since they’re out of 88,” said fan Lisa Cline.

And it’s not just for presents, many say they’re getting themselves geared up for the home game against Tampa in two weeks, and possibly a road trip to Atlanta this weekend.

“We’ve definitely thought of that, and I think there’s going to be a lot of Panthers fans there. It’s worth it. Maybe just a day trip, but it would be a lot of fun,” said Perry.

And they say the perfect way to head into the New Year.

“Hopefully they’ll be 15 and 0,” said Cline.