Panthers’ Cam Newton Gets Into Fight With Teammate During Training Camp

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton got into a scuffle with a teammate during Monday’s practice at training camp.

See the video via Jonathan Jones’ Twitter page here:one space (advisory-adult language)

Newton’s pass was intercepted by Josh Norman during practice. one space Reports claim Norman tried to run the ball back, Newton chased him down and the two players began pushing each other. one space 

A video of the fight shows both players on the ground surrounded by teammates who were trying to separate the two. one space 

No one was injured in the fight and practice was resumed. one space 

Coach Ron Rivera had this to say about the incident:one space 

“He’s just like any of us. He’s willing to fight,” Rivera said. “He’s a football player at the end of the day. If he throws an interception, it might mean tackling the guy before he gets to the end zone to give our defense a chance.”

“On an interception, we preach to the defense to score. Even though I blew the whistle, Josh kept going like he’s taught, and the offense continued to act. What happened was Cam got stiff-armed in the helmet, and that’s when it escalated.”

“You have to understand that, hey, you’re going to get stiff-armed. You’ve just got to handle it. And to Josh the message is, ‘Hey, just understand the situation. This is one of your teammates. Be smart about that.’ “

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