Panthers’ Cam Newton Cleared For Work Outs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton says he is officially cleared to begin working out.  Newton had surgery on his left ankle in March.  The announcement shows Newton is about a month ahead of schedule on his rehabilitation.  

Newton shared the news on his Instagram account: “Ya boy ACEboog1e excited to be cleared to work out! With a month left until training camp it’s no time for half stepping! Thank you to EVERY1 for the support and prayers for my recovery, it’s been very frustrating and challenging but Luke 12:48 states “to whom much is given, much is required” and that makes it all worth it! I’m not quite at 100% yet but with the help of the panthers training staff, my personal trainer Nate Costa, and prayers/well wishing support from YOU! ACEboog1e will be ready to boog1e on down by the time we report to training camp! The beautiful bottom pic was of the scenery last night after working out of the Baltimore Harbor at the UA Campus Workout Facility; who couldn’t get better in this weather condition!???”


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