Sea Turtles: CAPTURED in Art and Photography

With the start of sea turtle nesting season, the Museum offers views of Loggerhead sea turtles, the threatened species which nests on local beaches. Photographer Julie Bostian of Splash Studio documents the annual nests, hatchings, and inventories. The exhibit includes Julie’s images of the hatchlings’ journey from their sandy nest, over the treacherous sandscape, and their scramble to the Atlantic Ocean. The exhibit also includes works by regional artists who have captured sea turtles in and out of the water. View the creativity of Betty Henderson, Jill Moore, Linda Scherzer, Lola Jackson, Rebecca Zdybel, and Vic Gillispie. The exhibit and preview reception are co-sponsored by North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol, The North Myrtle Beach Times, and the Museum. Sea Turtles: CAPTURED in Art and Photography is on exhibit Friday, May 2 through Saturday, June 14.